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4th MAY 2019 au Grand Hotel Amour. Paris , France. 
18th MAY 2019 au Grand Hotel Amour. Paris, France.
28th MAY 2019 à L'Etage. Paris, France 
14th JUNE 2019  at Studio 151 Nublu, New York, United States.
20th JUNE 2019 at Pete's Candy Store, New York, United States. 
4th SEPTEMBER 2019 at Rockwood Music Hall, New York, United States
13th SEPTEMBER 2019 at Bellevilloise with Orchestre Ewa, Paris, France 
15th OCTOBER 2019 at Bar Lunatico, New York, United States
16th OCTOBER 2019, Guest at Birdland Club, New York, United States
18th October 2019, at Nublu, New York, United States
20th OCTOBER 2019, Guest for Siestes Acoustiques by Sébastian Zamora, Paris